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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

10 questions to test fitness

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Maybe not ever need to join a gym if you can pass these tests daily good health. Discover how many of them you can answer "Yes" and take your conclusions.

Do you feel you have power 14 hours after you woke up? (If you woke up at 7 in the morning, you should feel that you still have energy at 9pm)

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Exercise is known that gives us energy, so if you feel Tired to death at the end of the day there are many chances to blame for this sedentary lifestyle that you do. A large survey containing samples more than 6,800 people showed that people of "couch" that followed frequent exercise program felt less fatigue than people who were not exercised at all.

You can fetch a large bottle of milk or water in each hand without feeling that are struggling?

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Being able to keep a family milk carton or a big package water is not just a matter of your biceps. The power also comes from the shoulders, back, chest, knees and all the muscles that keep you strong over the years. The lack of power can make you more vulnerable to injury, and in cases of arthritis, osteoporosis and even depression and dementia. A Tufts University study showed that when older adults with arthritis followed a program of strength and fitness levels of pain that feels decreased by 43%.

You can do ten jumping-leaps without your heart pounding louder?

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This is a sign of good control of heart rate and good cardiovascular function. A fitness program that emphasizes the dialleimatiki exercise is a great way to give boost to your stamina and lower heart rate at rest. When the pulses are low at rest means that your heart needs to beat less and therefore to live longer.

You can cut your nails and then stand up without feel discomfort from bending?

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Are you surprised by how stiff you? If so, this is something that you need to improve. Being able to stretch without pain you feel is important for not only the bones but also for your joints as arthritis and osteoporosis lurk. It can however be a factor in other health problems should be diagnosed. A study published in the American Journal of Physiology showed that the inability to stretch after one has cut his nails is associated with arterial stiffness, a precursor to heart disease. Incorporate stretching in weekly fitness program to prevent such problems.

You can take your foot at the height of your hip when kicking?

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Another example of flexibility and strength. If you have trouble with this exercise, exercises and some yoga moves ordering thighs will help you achieve it.

You can turn your head and watch your back without moving your feet?

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This test indicates good support and flexibility of the trunk. All these keys are for a strong, sturdy back pains and without problems.

You can put and take your suitcase from the special luggage locker above your seat on the plane without difficulty?

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This is not exactly test, because we can not leave your luggage in the glove box, you should get them, but consider whether you can back and torso, and leg strength. Many of us focus on fitness programs on cardiovascular exercises and do not perform exercises that have to do with the trunk, as in yoga and pilates, have weaker backs than we would like.

You can anevokatevete two stairs carrying a large bowl with clothes without becoming overtired?

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This is a test of strength, cardiovascular endurance and balance. The climbing stairs requires more stamina and energy than anyone walk the same distance. Unfortunately, we live in the era dominated by escalator and elevator and so opportunities to climb the stairs somewhere is sparse. If you fail this test, try to climb more steps daily, or even where you anevokateveite the stairs in your home while talking on the phone or use the stairs at work and shopping.

You can dance fast pace for more than 10 minutes without feel exhausted?

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More and more research shows that past does not have to withstand one long workout programs to take advantage of its benefits. In fact, small but intense workout programs 10 or 15 minutes can burn more fat and build more muscles than one or two hours of tedious exercise.

You can walk for 30 minutes without interruption and not get tired?

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The daily walk 20 minutes has been associated with so many health benefits, it is not possible to mention all here. But among the top benefits is weight loss and help maintain and boost energy and mood, the fall of blood sugar and blood pressure.

How did you go?

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For someone who is over 45 years old are in a very good condition, if you can pull out these little tests of physical fitness. If you can, put your exercise into your life slowly but steadily and combine several types of fitness, cardiovascular, empowering, strength training, flexibility, because all these are the pillars to have a long and healthy life.



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