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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

How will we be 100,000 years from now ?

Πώς θα είμαστε σε 100.000 χρόνια από σήμερα (2)

Researcher describes the changes that he believes will occur in the appearance of people.

The human brain people are now three times larger than that of our ancestors, and as he grew over the years, both growing and scalp with the features become more levels. So it is not unreasonable to believe that our face is expected to change dramatically in the next years to come.

When asked how this would look like in 100,000 years from now, was asked by the researcher Nickolay Lamm from the University Washington. So, as Mr. Lamm says the changes will be perfectly in tune with the changes that have occurred in the external environment, so that we are able to survive.

First of all, as he says, his forehead will continue to grow depending on the size of the brain.

Also, our eyes will be considerably more so to see better, as people will live in more shady environments away from the sun.

As for our skin will be darker in color not to be so vulnerable to ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

Older is also the nostrils to be able to breathe better and survive on other planets.

Indeed the researcher to give the public a clearer picture of how we transformed into 100,000 years released and relevant photos.

Πώς θα είμαστε σε 100.000 χρόνια από σήμερα (1)

Πώς θα είμαστε σε 100.000 χρόνια από σήμερα (3)

Πώς θα είμαστε σε 100.000 χρόνια από σήμερα (2)


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