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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

8 cliché phrases decoded scientific ..

8 κλισέ φράσεις αποκωδικοποιούνται... επιστημονικά (6)

You know what "I feel butterflies in the stomach"? Does what happens when 'sleeping leg "or when" you become like white cloth? "All these phrases are not random. They arise because just the body reacts to certain situations.

Experts answer and disclose all medical ... cliche that came to constitute everyday sayings.

  • 1. "I feel butterflies in the stomach"

The feeling of "butterflies" in the stomach before a big presentation or special event is actually gut reaction in the nervous system of the body.

Under pressure, the body activates the fight or flight reaction. Therefore, this sensation of "butterflies" refers to the fear and nervousness, which is part of the stress felt by the body.

The same also causes an increase in heart rate and blood pressure, in both preparing for a fight ... literally or figuratively.

8 κλισέ φράσεις αποκωδικοποιούνται... επιστημονικά (5)

  • Two. Sick of love

The deep feelings toward another person, causing insomnia, tachycardia, weight loss and concentration problems, may mean something more than a simple crush. It may be the symptoms of a ... love-struck.

These symptoms may occur either when someone is happy or unhappy. In the first case, in fact, may include obsessive compulsive tendencies, such as monitoring and retesting a voicemail.

Feelings emerge due to the increase of certain neurotransmitters, such as dopamine, norepinephrine and oxytocin. In which case, you develop chest pain, shortness of breath or general weakness, it would be good to visit your doctor.

8 κλισέ φράσεις αποκωδικοποιούνται... επιστημονικά (7)

  • Three. Adrenaline

If you feel elated after a workout, you're familiar with ... flushing the cursor. Endurance training is known to cause many positive mental and physical changes, including reduction of stress, anxiety, pain perception and simultaneously increased mood.

Indeed, the excitement is often compared (as an action in the body) with drugs. Fortunately, the brain chemicals that are produced when flushing is not have dangerous side effects.

  • 4. Sleeping beauty

If you have never relieve yourself from a boring event, because you need the "sleeping beauty", you do not need to be justified as the science supports you.

There is compelling evidence that connect skin health by sleeping, the most important one that says that during sleep the cells are revitalized offering glamor and beauty.

Furthermore, sleep deprivation and insomnia associated with increased stress hormones, which reduce the functioning of the immune system and increase the risk of skin inflammation.

8 κλισέ φράσεις αποκωδικοποιούνται... επιστημονικά (3)

  • 5. Sleeps your leg?

When you remain seated in the same position for a long time you may feel like your "pins and needles" when you try to get up. This is the condition where your foot ... sleeping.

In reality, what happens is, a prolonged pressure on the feet, which is due to the restriction of blood flow to the nerves, causing them to not function properly.

The arteries that supply blood and nutrients to the nerves of the foot are compressed. When this happens, the nerve cells can not function properly.

Then, the brain sends mixed signals thus have the burning sensation, numbness or think that your bite pins.

8 κλισέ φράσεις αποκωδικοποιούνται... επιστημονικά (1)

  • 6. It breaks your heart?

Apart from normal feelings of grief, causing a severe emotional loss like death, the "broken heart" is commonplace heavy sadness.

It is also known as' cardiomyopathy Takotsubo »(Takotsubo is a Japanese name for a trap in the form of an octopus) or stress cardiomyopathy.

The syndrome occurs more often in women than men, for reasons unknown, especially in stressful situations, such as a serious medical diagnoses, devastating financial loss or natural disasters.

Often associated with major depression and can mimic a heart attack, and if the coronary arteries are unaffected.

Scientists believe that an important role in those situations played by catecholamines (chemicals in the body, such as norepinephrine is known as "stress hormones").

8 κλισέ φράσεις αποκωδικοποιούνται... επιστημονικά (4)

  • 7. "Died of my fear"

Can someone your friend to hide in the dark and scare you enough to die ... from your fear? Surely this is unlikely, as experts say, that the heart can not stop for fear ... although potentially it could.

In certain situations, however, people may fear so much and then suffering an acute heart attack, due to the massive release of adrenaline because of fear.

The release of adrenaline can cause cardiac arrhythmia (abnormal heart rhythm), and this in turn CHD. Thus, a person can die from a heart attack as a result of a sudden scary situation, but is not likely to die by his own ... fear.

8 κλισέ φράσεις αποκωδικοποιούνται... επιστημονικά (6)

  • 8. "Became white as cloth '

There have been times when you've become .... white as the cloth? Chlomiasei They have so much to change the color of your skin; When this happens, in fact, blood 'removed' from specific areas of the body for several reasons.

In simple words, what happens (and it's the same with situations where someone is sick), the body may be trying to control their body temperature, which causes a pale appearance.

By the same token, if you're scared, the release of stress hormones causes constriction of the blood vessels of the face. Then sends the blood to the muscles and other body parts that may be necessary for survival, such as the feet, in order to run if necessary.


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