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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

6 kinds of meat that might not ever trying out ...

6 είδη κρέατος που ίσως να μην δοκιμάζατε ποτέ... (1)

The saying "what does not kill you makes you stronger" applies generally speaking, the truth is that none of them snack that follow not fatal to humans. It is advisable, however, to take a look at the following and consider if you would dare to try a nugget ...

With all due respect to the unfortunate live suffered badly before found on our plate, but the tastes of fans around the world, there are some forms of meat or some way to serve, making his stomach churn average Greek dangerously thinking .

Is the moment when the traveler-otherwise bigoted meat eater-searches with patent ... the anguish in his eyes, a "green" alternative. 6 following typical examples of such cases ...

Cheeseburger Canned Germany

6 είδη κρέατος που ίσως να μην δοκιμάζατε ποτέ... (2)

The German company Katadyn was-admittedly-original idea to put the humble cheeseburger canned. It was part of a series of food for hikers and explorers. However, you'd try burger canned tuna ...? Dyyyyyyskola ...

Fried spiders, Cambodia

City Phnom Penh in Cambodia, have as fine morsel of fried spiders. You can buy a ration with 10 spiders over $ 2, accompanied with garlic. The spiders are crispy from the outside and have tasted like cold chicken.

Sausages of horse meat, Mongolia

6 είδη κρέατος που ίσως να μην δοκιμάζατε ποτέ... (3)

Exception of Australia, all other continents meat equine (horse and its close relatives) is part of the kitchen. In France, for example, the horse is steak in many menus. In Mongolia now, paidakia horse is ... from another anecdote. Intense flavor meat, slightly more lean and "rubber" texture than beef, but by no means ugly. But to try to make sausage, as do our friends from Mongolia, and things are not provided as fortunate for the palate or your stomach. It is usually very salty. Anyone after a couple of mouthfuls not leave them on edge, award winning ...

Rat, South China

In recent years, the southern Chinese city of Yangshuo, the vast fields of mice have become popular delicacy, and had appeared in so many of the fields where locals grew peanuts. Caught in traps, killed, skinned and then "dry" to be sold in the local market. If just the thought of the rat does not make you "go down" in the next paragraph, the fact that the head remains intact and look you straight in the eye to the flea market will surely bring a little nausea ...

Roast camel, Morocco

6 είδη κρέατος που ίσως να μην δοκιμάζατε ποτέ... (4)

The camel meat can be purchased easily in the not too distant our North African country from any butcher in the crowded meat market of Casablanca and take it away for you prepare it. Usually, I'll fix it on the grill and you'll be flying in rickety tables of local stalls, with hot, sweet mint tea and a plate of tomatoes with onion. The smell can fool you as it is amazing, but the meat is tough as old gumshoe and both fibrin, you will need stock of toothpicks for the next 5-6 hours. It tastes much like beef that you've left in the sun for days. Chances are that will integrate with summarily, after the first bite, in the category of experience "I did it once so I got to say it, but never again" ...

Meat cobra, Indonesia

In Chinese restaurants tend to offer a meat dish of cobra, after removing the skin of a reptile. This meat is roast and burgers for a "delicious» (;) burger. Many even of fanatic fans of this meat believe that the meat of cobra fight skin diseases and asthma, and increases sexuality.



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