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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

19 smart uses of sugar ... except kitchen

After consumption (and surpassed these days) the time has come to learn, that you can use sugar in addition to ... sweetened. From fighting stains to treat a wound, sugar seems to be a valuable ally on a daily basis.

From ancient China to modern confectionery, sugar deservedly holds the title of "white gold", as called by the British colonists.
And can we we used to use it daily in our cafe and not only, but the white ones taste beans have incredible applications.
Health, beauty for your garden or cleaning, dirt cheap and versatile this material can also be a household treasure.
  • For health reasons ...
1. To calm your baby
According to a study in the journal «Pediatrics», a solution of sugar and water is able to soothe the upset and crying of a baby. Even if the baby is going to make the vaccine, then the use of sugar it almost as babies who have drunk this solution seems better handle pain. Before you do, however, consult your pediatrician.

Two. Heal a wound
But sugar can be a first-rate doctors. Studies have shown that throwing granulated sugar in wounds from pressure sores, leg ulcers or amputations before cleaning helps eliminate bacteria that prevents healing and causes chronic pain.

Three. For the burnt tongue ...
How many times (usually gluttony) have not been burned by a piece of pizza or a hot sip of coffee in. The solution in these cases is sugar. Consume one tablespoon or a sugar cube and quickly get rid of the pain.

4 ... and spicy foods
By the same token, when you feel that the food consumed is very spicy, eat a spoonful of sugar. Similar work acidic foods and dairy products, but a pinch of sugar is the most effective solution.

  • In cases Beauty
5. Sweet scrubs
Sugar is an ideal product for body scrubs. A very simple recipe is to mix sugar with oil (almond, jojoba or olive oil) to create a loose paste. Add some essential oil or vanilla extract if you like the scent. Gently rub your skin and then rinse in the shower.

6. Scrub banana-sugar
When bananas have reached the point where it is no longer edible, use your beauty. The banana is moisturizing and works perfectly as a paste scrub with sugar. Mash a ripe banana with 3 tablespoons sugar and 1 teaspoon of olive oil. Gently rub your skin and then rinse in the shower.

7. For soft lips
Mix a little jojoba or olive oil with powdered sugar (alternatively put granulated sugar in the blender for a minute), add a little peppermint or vanilla extract if desired. Place some of the mixture on the lips, do a light massage and suck ... whatever leftover. Your lips are ready for kissing. Alternatively, you can spread on your lips with honey at bedtime.

8. Duration in lipstick
Pour some sugar on your lips after you place your favorite lipstick and leave it for a while. Suck whatever excess. This tactic will make your lipstick last longer.
  • For the garden
9. Feed the flowers ...
Add three teaspoons of sugar and two tablespoons of white vinegar per liter of hot water for fresh cut flowers. The sugar feeding the stalks and vinegar reduces the growth of bacteria.

10. Get rid of worms and parasites
Garden plants can very easily fall into patterns of microscopic parasites and worms. To deal with them in a natural way, are about 2.5 pounds of sugar for every 250 square cm the garden.
Sugar will feed microorganisms that will increase soil organic matter, making the garden a hostile environment for parasites.
For ants not, there are two different ways of coping. 1st) Use borax. It is a natural metallic compound with ph 9 higher than the baking soda, ideal to neutralize odors, mold, cockroaches and other insects. The most radical solution is to mix borax with sugar and water. This functions as "bait" for the ants, which will take the mixture to their nest, poisoning the queen and the entire colony.
2nd) Baking soda and powdered sugar: Ants carry an acidic substance always with them for protection. However, a mixture of baking soda and powdered sugar in a plastic lid, placed in "strategic" point of the garden, can do wonders.

11. Set Trap Wasps
Make a simple syrup by boiling sugar and water, fill a jar with it and place it in a spot that will grab the attention of the flock. Wasps become trapped inside the jar.

12. Apalangeite from flies
Make a strip of tape and sugar to rid (especially in summer) from annoying flies. Combine equal parts sugar, honey and water in a saucepan. Boil the mixture, stirring occasionally, until thickened. Then let the mixture cool. Cut pieces of duct tape (the brown used old cardboard boxes are ideal), make a hole in the tip, and then pass a string from the inside, creating a loop.
Dip the strips in the mixture, hang and allow to drip until you eliminate excess mixture (place a bowl underneath to not smear). The sticky mixture is ideal trap for flies.

13. No more cockroaches
Mix equal parts of sugar and baking powder and sprinkle over areas where cockroaches move. Sugar will become a magnet for unwanted "visitors", while the baking powder will kill. Repeat the same procedure frequently.

14. Fill butterflies
The author of «The Garden Butterfly» (Harvard Common Press, 1985), Matthew Tekulsky, suggests if you want to fill your garden beautiful butterflies, follow the following recipe:

1kg sugar
1 or 2 cans stale beer
3 mashed bananas (very ripe)
1 cup molasses or syrup
1 cup fruit juice
1 shot of rum
Mix all ingredients well and brush the mixture on the trees, on fences and wherever you want in your garden. Caution, however, because this mixture may be "like" and other insects.
  • For cleanliness
15. Dirty hands
If your hands are too dirty from grease, paint, etc., add sugar to the lather and rinse thoroughly. You can also use equal parts sugar and olive oil. The sugar will act as a natural exfoliation while the oil will smooth and moisturize your hands.

16. Blenders, mixers and other
Coffee machines, minced, blenders and all the kitchen gadgets that have blades, need good cleaning and maintenance. Sugar can clean them, while absorbing odors and debris. Pour 1/4 cup of sugar to the pot and put it to work for 2 -3 minutes. Pour the mixture and wipe thoroughly.

17. No more stains from grass
Make a paste of warm water and sugar and place on clothes and fabrics, soiled by grass. Allow one hour (or longer depending on the stain) and then washed as usual.
  • For freshness
18. Fresh cakes and biscuits

If you save a cake (or cookies) in an airtight container with some sugar cubes will stay fresh longer.

19. Mold in cheese?

Some swear ... that if you save cheese with sugar cubes, will create unsightly surface mold in cheese. We beheld ...



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