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Thursday, 13 June 2013

How betray the liar? 9 tricks to catch him in the act ..

All of lying, whether we admit it or not. But because, as the saying goes "The liar and the thief rejoice in their first year," see 9 tricks to ... catch the liar in the act (Caution: the theme works and vice versa, so you do not catch you in the act).
  • The inconsistency ... make a difference
When you want to find out if someone is lying, look for contradictions in what you say. A good way is to ask suddenly something unrelated, to see his reactions. When indeed, clarifying questions repeated unannounced, then the liar can not help but fall in inconsistencies. In simple words, something not always fit into history.
  • Ask the unexpected
According to research done, about 4% of people are keen liars and can not do with mastery. However, here is a difficult case because usually such personalities have talent to "knit" the tangle of a story full of lies.
A good trick to expose the lie is to let them narrate as they want and unannounced to ask a question, which was not prepared to hear. The visible choking, usually exhibit will tell the whole truth.

  • Behavior change
One of the most important indicators of dishonesty is changes in behavior, according to professor of psychology at the University of San Francisco, Maureen O'Sullivan.
If you want to discover if lie hidden in the story that tells someone, observe the changes in the reaction. Should calm becomes restless or reacts strangely compared to normal behavior, then you are a victim of the plot.
  • Behind the words
Most people can not pretend the fake smile. Then it's time you discover the truth. For example, you may notice a liar, that while he is angry smiling and unfortunately for him, his feelings betray.
A typical example is that the lips look smaller and less cluttered than when smiling sincerely. These fake emotions is a good indicator that something has gone wrong.

  • Beware of micro-expressions
"The micro-expression is a very brief expression, usually about 1/25 of a second, which always contains a hidden emotion," says Paul Ekman, professor emeritus of psychology at the Medical School of the University of California.
Thus, for example when a person pretends to be happy, but in fact are upset about something, the true emotion will be revealed in a subconscious flash of anger in his face.
Whether the concealed emotion is fear, anger, happiness, jealousy or any other emotion, it will appear on his face without realizing. You only need to see it when that happens.
  • Look for inconsistencies
The general rule says that when someone is lying, do something with his voice or a gesture with his hands, that do not match his words at that time.
A survey in fact, observed that when somebody is saying a phrase like "yes, he got the money," while he shook his head negatively, bringing total contradiction words with his actions.
These contradictions can be found between the voice and words, movement and voice, movement and words, or facial and words.

  • The unerring sense of embarrassment
When he is lying trying to look someone in the eye, without this being a move that usually does, then possibly that this reaction is an indication that it is not honest.
Usually liars uncomfortable, sometimes exhibit sweating, once again blush, they look guilty and look stressed, that something happens that is not normal.
  • "When you hear a lot of cherries, keep a small basket»
When you ask someone a simple question like "what you did yesterday" and he starts a story of infinite beauty, with gruesome details that even before you were not going to remember it so specifically, it usually means only one thing: that he devoted much time ca to build an elaborate lie.

  • There is also the case for the truth of course
However, in many cases, an elaborate lie may be just the truth, which I did not realize, convinced that someone is lying.
Generally, people tend to be suspicious (usually with the wrong people and the wrong statements), ignoring the obvious: the truth.
If you choose to become ever «detective», spending hours and energy to discover the lie you imagine that you've been told, is purely your choice. However you should keep in the back of your mind, that trust is easiest way ... until proven otherwise of course.


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