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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The most recent research on sex vol3


We present the latest research about sex, which promise better sex life.

The quality of a relationship affects the quality of sleep

A reciprocal relationship exists between the quality of a couple's relationship and the quality of sleep both man and woman, according to a new study.

According to researcher Brad Hassler at the University of Arizona, USA, as the online service Science Daily, who studied, the calendaring, couples without children for a period of seven days, the quality of the relationship between both partners affects the quality sleep, while the converse is true, namely the quality of sleep affects the quality of the link on the next day.

Also observed a difference between the sexes in terms of what factors most affects the other. For men, the best sleep improves the relationship, while for women the problems in relation to day reduce the quality of sleep for themselves and for their partner.

The survey refers to the existence of a "vicious cycle" where poor sleep worsens the relationship and then the problematic relationship adversely affect sleep.

The Hassler advises couples to go to bed, after settle their differences and still avoid entangled in controversy when one of the two - or both-not slept well at night.

Better single than married and hypertensive ...

Objects of study were 303 healthy people, 204 married and 99 free. Everyone answered questions about the quality of marriage, social support and mental health.

The object of the research was to enable researchers to evaluate the stress and pleasures of everyone's life.

Subsequently, we measured the blood pressure in each individual for 24 hours. Married showed a decrease of pressure at the time fell to sleep while all were differences between them.

Generally, people whose pressure does not drop even slightly during sleep are at risk of developing a heart failure, according to psychologist Julianne Holt-Lunstad.

On average, married men who were not happy with their lives, had more pressure than the self. However, increased social life and the two played no role in decreasing the pressure, but the wedding happiness correlated with overall happiness, reduced stress and low pressure.

"Sure, if you are in an unhappy marriage, and this ensures your health. Better alone than married and unhappy, "says Holt-Lunstad,« So choose carefully your companions. "

Prejudice kills love

The alarming dimensions that have gotten in recent years the genito-urinary system in men drive more than 43 million in Europe and tens of thousands in our country to erectile dysfunction as 2025. In parallel, exponentially increasing number of men and women who are incontinent of urine.

"If, in previous cases, included the prostate diseases, the ominous predictions have to do with the fact that people ignore the early symptoms of diseases and reluctant to go to the doctor in time, resulting multiply the incidence of diseases urinary tract, "he said at a press conference, the president of the Hellenic Urological Association, Dimitris Katzavelos.

At the press was notified that the third week of September (15-21) was defined as urological week basic slogan "solutions exist, ask your urologist" in the framework of European public awareness campaign.

As stated by the secretary of Union, Alki Grigorakis, during urological week, doctors will be handing out leaflets to citizens and will draw attention to all the diseases of the urinary system.

Therefore, men are advised that erectile dysfunction is not secret, after a contest of ten, without coercion be a normal consequence of aging, as many believe, while the causes of this failure are many, as are the treatments of which citizens should be aware of.

"Knowledge, they said urologists, helps to better address the problem, because eight of 10 cases of erectile dysfunction have to do with organic causes, including decreased blood supply to the penis, neurological disorders, diabetes, side effects of drugs and abuse alcohol and drugs. "

Moreover, as pointed out by doctors, many men behind erectile problems, you should seek katathlipsi. He reiterated that factors such as smoking, hypertension, obesity, high cholesterol, poor diet, lack of exercise and alcohol use, make trouble to come more quickly to the surface.

The preliminary is ... overpriced!

Eventually, by that reveals a new survey conducted with participating 2,300 women, preliminary sex toys have no or little meaning in sex. Specifically, the lengthy preliminary will definitely result in the desired female orgasm.

The "golden section" about the length of these games before having sex is, according to scholars, some 15 minutes.

"On the contrary, greater importance is the duration and quality of the same sexual act despite the preliminary" says Professor Stuart Brody who along with also Professor Peter Weiss of the University of Prague, led the study.

The survey asked about 2,360 Czech women of different ages to describe details of their sex lives, such as the frequency of their orgasms as during foreplay.

Usually, preliminary lasted 15.4 minutes and the act itself about 16 minutes. Those 16 minutes is more than they were manifested in relative American study, where the average duration of sex in up to 7 minutes.

"Who knows? Maybe Europeans are more sexual than the Americans," said the study leader.

The researchers examined the frequency of orgasms on the time it lasted the first games and found that there is virtually no relationship between them.

The results of this research come to disprove the sexologists hitherto professed that the longer the duration of these the better sex and more intense orgasms.


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