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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Characteristics of the zodiac

Each zodiac sign has some elements that characterize it. Others believe in them and others do not, but reading the following article you may find that your character has traits associated with your zodiac sign. Also you can see the characteristics of the sign of your partner or of any interest to you.

Below we have collected some of the characteristics of each zodiac sign and present them to you.

ARIES (March 21-April 20)

  • Positive attributes of Aries: Pioneering spirit. Enterprising, courageous. Extremely energetic, detests limitation, loves freedom.
  • Negative qualities of Aries: Mercenary, always puts himself first. Rigid, impulsive, quarrelsome. Sarcastic, short-tempered, impatient, wants everything now.

Character: Those under heavy influence from Aries are enthusiastic, magnanimous, effervescent. Quickly grasp the essence of a situation. This can have the negative side, because, seeing a problem as a whole, often overlook the details. It may be hasty in other ways: attack, for example, not to think. Can stir thoughtlessly in a debate, throwing a silly phrase or aggressive, there is no diplomats. May be irritable and at worst are terribly selfish. An Aries can care so much about himself, to forget his friends. Can say brazenly lied to avoid making a minor difficulty, although generally such a liar that others understand him immediately. However, it is difficult to see reason. If it of selfishness, will recognize it willingly. Aries is glib and restless character and it is difficult to show patience in front of a situation he does not like. Tolerate unpleasant situations just as sure that there will eventually lead where he wants. Perhaps this desire to be his own, is who incites dangerous actions. The bravery and contempt of risk is proverbial. The trend of Aries be in danger of dying is not limited to dangerous situations. Can medal of bravery, but also the reputation of being the most dashing car driver in his district. The urge to drive at high speed can steer it in a logical result: not to be killed, but by becoming a very experienced driver. In less dangerous level, can be cut or burns can, without paying attention. Has headaches more often than most people, but it reveals it

TAURUS (April 21-May 20)

  • Positive attributes of Taurus: Practical, trustworthy, patient, calm, polite. Skillful in business, with great endurance. Confident assessment of values, mainly artistic. Loves luxury and fine food. Persistent, firm, resolute, enduring, companionable.
  • Negative qualities of Taurus: conquest, lazy, weak. Distinguishes narcissism, an intrusive perhaps conservatism of ideas, lack of ingenuity and originality. Greedy, self-willed.

Character: Just like an oak becomes a permanent feature of the landscape which reveals so and Taurus wants to "belong" in a permanent setting. Therefore, showing the world a solid, stable and reliable picture of his personality. As the oak is rooted firmly in the ground, and so Taurus is "rooted" steadfastly to his beliefs, awesome shows stubbornness not tolerates him talk back. The feeling of stability, certainty, is necessary to be pursued in his career, his home, his wedding, though itself may degrade in a sudden outburst of anger. It's "Slowly burning", but when angry become distracted and can hardly face him. In marriage, above all, the trigger of his wrath may be jealousy, resulting from the worst fault, his penchant for occupation. Not, however, show great patience and undoubtedly has a lot of charm, warmth and affection, although he can be a bit bothersome. Should not be pressuring him and not expose himself to risks, has a highly developed instinct for self-preservation. Those close to him perhaps, occasionally forced to the urge to wake him up a bit from mine and stagnant conservatism. The Bulls often have a great inclination to businesses, the ability to earn money and not to waste. It is generous in care of their friends, but to give themselves the opportunity for a good show. It might be happier the bull if you lived in the countryside than in the city. He usually has the inclination and finds pleasure in gardening. If you grab a cold from damp garden is most likely to hurt him in the neck.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)

  • Positive attributes of Gemini: Adaptable, versatile, intelligent, glib and rationalist, active, spontaneous, lively, talkative and pleasant to get along. Inclination to writing and foreign languages. Always youthful and handsome.
  • Negative Properties of Gemini: Mutable, restless, cunning, inquisitive, inconsistent and duplicitous. "Living with nerves", which can most often be checked. Frivolous, wordy.

Character: Gemini believes he has always right and never changes his mind, until you see the other side of the issue, so it gets completely different attitude and refuses even that he had never supported the opposite view. This infuriates the interlocutors, especially as it is gifted with eloquence, and with a tendency to hear little of everything and to use such limited knowledge so as to appear well informed. His ability to escape from difficult situations is incredible. Herein lies the main flaws, inconsistency and superficiality of. No wonder, then, that perhaps the most popular journalists and radiotileparousiastes is Gemini. That's because it is also endowed with an infernal talent communication. If women can talk hours on the phone. The most cultivated type Gemini can write continuously in newspapers and magazines, give lectures, appear on unharmed and "chats" on TV, talking to concentrations. His passion to impress, it is even able to strike up a conversation with someone random on the street and to preach, feels the need to spread his ideas. Gemini is always Aboard, and generally dealing always with a lot of things together. This is part of his temperament and it would be unwise to attempt to prevent him from someone. It needs variety and change. Can very easily feel boredom and his reaction is to turn your back on that boredom causes him to turn to the next time you happen ahead of him. The expression "living on his nerves" seems to have been conceived for him. So we should be careful not to put to test the emotional and nerve sensitivity, otherwise in danger of collapsing under an excessive volume. Ally has a solid body, because Gemini is the younger zodiac.

CANCER (June 22-July 22)

  • Positive Attributes of Cancer: Compassion, sensitivity. Strong imagination. Strong maternal or paternal instinct, caring for children and protectiveness. Caution patriotism. Temperance, ingenuity, wit economy. Rich feelings.
  • Negative cancer properties: Ypersynaisthimatismos, hypersensitivity. Efthikti, excitable temperament. Whimsical, easy to transitions. Hard face that hides impossible character. Trend toward narcissism, resentment. Fickle, fickle.

Character: No doubt, cancer is not the easiest character, both to understand it and him tolerably. While, at best, can be filled goodness, affable, eager to help, thoughtful and understanding, can also be, and without apparent reason, dysthymos and capricious, irritable and curt with anyone who would talk to him. Sometimes they are willing to listen with compassion the problems of others and doing what it can to help them, while others are terribly difficult to hear with patience any foreign grievance, locked up in his own issues. Very often the Cancer man looks hard and is really in many ways. It can for example be lacking any trace of magnanimity and lament incessantly for a mikroadikia he did. Although often upsets his friends with untargeted comments and harsh words, he raised a terrible criticism becomes. Down Yet, from this cruel and perhaps unloved appearance, hiding the weak interior himself. Fearful or mental inhibitions sometimes uses the mask of cruelty as a protective shield, much like the crab, the symbol of the sign, uses its shell. These are the contradictions of Cancer, positive, benevolent, loving the one hand, difficult, cranky, irritable and abrupt than the other. Not surprisingly, that wavering and vacillating constantly between these two extremes, such as the pendulum. What will make the pendulum to rest more than anything else, the beneficial effect of a home and a family. We then show love for his home and devotion to his marriage. Cancer has an emotional vein. It still remembers the "good old days" and may very well be living in the past, his memories.

LEON (23 June-23 August)

  • Positive qualities of a Leo: Magnanimous, brave. Creative, enthusiastic, good organizer. With a broad understanding, demonstrative and openhearted.
  • Negative Qualities of Leo. Dogmatic, overbearing, pompous, snobbish. Bigoted, rigid in its opinion.

Character: No puzzling or complex there is in Leo. It is simply the king, chief, leader. It is sure that he is much more able to organize and direct the lives of others than they are themselves. And, if they accept it, everything is going well. This sign, however, has its drawbacks, Leo may show tendencies to intervene in the affairs of others, to be bigoted, arrogant and overly opinionated. Should therefore be used to re-examine his views as often as she can and make good use of natural, spontaneous warmth and charm that undoubtedly possesses. At best, Leos are affectionate, enthusiastic, cheerful, optimistic, destined to give joy to others. This is a precious commodity that we should not underestimate or neglect it. While it may seem strange, Leos are often sensitive and easily hurt their emotions. Not indicate, however, when a lion wronged behave with magnanimity. If you really angry, it will show decisively that he is the "king" and force him who dared to ignore his superiority to retreat and to recognize that it is his subordinate. Whatever the social level of Leo, always shows a predominance and superiority to its environment, the "kingdom" of. The Lions have significant bias towards the dramatic art. Some even create scenes, to attract the attention of others. The hypocritical but it might take more positive forms, fancy dress, make impressive acts, organize events, arrange generally benefit from everything, but also offer the best they can for others. It is also formidable opponent. Leos are able to organize and direct others.

VIRGO (August 23-September 22)

  • Positive attributes of the Virgin: Discretion, granularity, methodically. Modesty. Gentleness. Good taste, sense of order.
  • Negative Properties of Virgin: Grumpy, anxiety, excessive criticism, too eclectic, whimsical. Too typical. Scholastic.

Character: Bouncing laborer, extremely practical mind and with great love for detail, the man who belongs to the zodiac sign of Virgo is in his best event, very attentive and willing to help those around him. He feels happy in ceaseless activity and large amounts of energy. The bad thing about him is that you can easily make interruption. What favors he stopped and respite is for others hard work. His passion for the Virgin of the details may be the predominant. Seeking the perfect in everything, easily loses the big picture of an issue. The main motive of the Virgin is to serve and desire that meets in one way or another. The accuracy and the class is in nature and combined with a purity that, as evidenced by the name of the sign is similar to the virginity. In some cases, this can create a psychological barrier, which is difficult to dissipate and can make them look very Virgin cut off from their surroundings.

LIBRA (September 23-October 22)

  • Positive Attributes of Libra: Charming harmony that gives happiness. Calm, unruffled character. Romantic diplomat idealist. Cultured spirit.
  • Negative Attributes of Libra: Indecisive, resentful. Flighty, fickle, lovelorn. Easily influenced. Credulous, vacillating between two extremes.

Character: The yoke needs in all areas of life, be externalized. The other should accept this trend of generously and without restriction. A common complaint of Libra is "it was not right to me behave so, after everything I did for him." The person understands, of course, you could no n 'meet so perfect you would like Libra. But that does not mean to admit. Certainly, a permanent sensuous bond, when each of the two takes and gives equivalent, is a prerequisite to be a happy balance and was able to develop normal personality. Libra abhors fights are gifted with great physical charm and knows how to win sympathy. The cute girl Libra, too easily manages to wrap the head or the employer of her small finger and thus achieve the extraordinary fee need to to buy nice dress you saw in the window. Avoiding fights and trouble, Libra reveals the trend of trying to get along with everyone. There's certainly been a dithering, most of the defects of Libra. "Let's wait and see what happens" is the usual attitude. And wait, postponing a decision or a not very pleasant work as much as possible. Libras are known as lazy, but often not as soft touch as they seem. Usually, they have more courage to try to acquire what they want and may seem lazy because they lack the determination. Libra can take the style of a graceful nonchalance. but if in a case it may be just a break between activities, otherwise it may be an attitude that chooses and keeps consciously. Libra may be indecisive, but when, he decides to get something, obtains.

SCORPIO (October 23-November 22)

  • Positive attributes of Scorpio: Rich feelings. Intense emotion. Sense of purpose. Developed imagination, judgment, thin and sharp wit. Persistence.
  • Negative qualities of Scorpio: Jealous, resentful, stubborn. Implacable, unapproachable, puzzling and suspicious.

Character: Almost all descriptions of Scorpio emphasize the intensity of passions oppressing him, especially in his love life. But so strong passions introduced in other areas of his life, in politics, at work, at play or in sports. It's a special, strange power that pervades his whole personality and gives a strong sense of purpose in life and his decision not to leave anything in the middle. Feels the need to live his life complete, to his fill, reaching the abuse usually not only fun, but also at work. It can be terribly jealous, and not only in love. Dislikes anyone who is in a position that he believes he ought to hold and can reach even vindictiveness or cruelty. The extreme vigor gives the passion that a depth not suspect those who are less emotional. When this power is channeled into positive channels, giving the Scorpio strength and assertiveness. Then fights with the greatest adversity and defeats, but clicking "on corpses" a few times to reach the purpose. The fact that a few times in the past used the eagle as a symbol of this sign, highlights not only those violent tendencies, this urge to attack the unsuspecting "prey", but also his ability to rise above the mundane and bitterness " flies "up and away from human antagonisms. This side of his personality do Scorpio not to tolerate a much lower or thankless jobs or something that is too easy, and revolt because they can be adjusted with great comfort at every turning point of his life, when found in front such a time, he admits without difficulty that a way of life ended for him and is ready to immediately get the next one. Can you force yourself to leave a path in his life to follow one another, to work hard and, suddenly, for reasons incomprehensible to others, located deep inside, he can destroy it created and to resume the beginning.

SAGITTARIUS (November 23-December 21)

  • Positive attributes of Sagittarius: jovial, optimistic. Versatile, agile, free-minded, versatile, and robust crisis and philosophical thought, loves passionately freedom. Frank and honest. Reliable and conscientious.
  • Negative qualities of Sagittarius: Prone to hyperbole. Without tact, restless, carefree. Absurdly optimistic. Braggart. Irresponsible. Stubborn and capricious.

Character: In his youth completely carefree, running demonic driving car without taking security measures, intoxicates the pleasure of vertigo, but eventually learns from his mistakes much more than is the case with any other sign. Although there never leaves him the joy he finds in his personal freedom, manages to perfectly use the amazing mental skills, by studying and studying seriously, perhaps philosophical issues. In his early youth years flouting all conventions, can go to a dinner with sweaters, while everyone is formally dressed and seem more interested in sports and outdoor life, despite the intellectual culture that has actually need. Finds great joy in exploring and conquering areas of knowledge that is unknown, one of the sectors is foreign languages, saving knowledge and exploited later. Chooses a goal that seems to not be able to reach him. But as approaching him, his eyes already seeking another target farther and higher, eager to begin a new project before completing the previous one. Sagittarius always feels the need to think freely. Can not be reduced even the slightest sense of limitation, "musty", both physically (the small room, for example, with the only window looking into a blank wall from the outside) and from sentimental view (a wedding, who feels it keeps him tied). The symbol of the sign, the archer with the arrow marks the target and has a body horse is typical. Often dedicated to the riding or other sports related movement in the countryside. The trend for exploration of the unknown can be rotated in the world of nature or spirit. True for him the saying "better to travel hoping, rather than arrive." In life there is always a clash with some challenge. Sagittarius is versatile and, like Gemini, needs n 'dealing with more than one thing at a time. It is not uncommon to work on two tasks simultaneously. As is in need of intensive mental performance, so also needs a lot of physical exercise. If you feel tired, it means to him that his employment is tedious and must be changed.

CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19)

  • Positive Qualities of Capricorn: Reliable, decisive, ambitious. Cautious, prudent. Has a sense of humor and discipline. Patient. Housekeeper.
  • Negative qualities of Capricorn: Hard on perceptions, pretentious. Pessimistic conformist. Miser.

Character: Generally, Capricorns are ambitious, aiming constantly in a promotion or a raise in salary. Not forced to try to reach the level of the other side because they or are already in that level or first. Are excellent businessmen and positive Capricorn has sure success in this field if he decides to undertake. The Capricorn woman, as a wife, offers her advice promoting her husband (and herself) in the social scale. So much for the mountain goat. The pet, bound in plain, is truly pathetic. He has ambitions. But as you try and really tries, the weight of competition over its features. If you are wise, you will find your own quiet and secured lifestyle in a simple job that can make her quiet, as and when he thinks. One of the most enjoyable features of Capricorn is the sense of humor that distinguishes them. Capricorns are basically reticent. With a couple of simple and somewhat dry words scatter the smile. Often, their smile is inverted, the edges of their lips turned not upwards but downwards and sometimes the smile is accompanied by a deep exclamation of disapproval. People are trustworthy, patient, cautious, perhaps kept by a defect, and tolerate much in discomfort if needed. Are usually conformists, accustomed to things and is very difficult to share the love freedom and boldness of their contemporaries youngsters. Generally, Capricorn is almost perfectly happy with himself.

AQUARIUS (January 20-February 19)

  • Positive Qualities of Aquarius: humanitarian, independent. Friendly attitude, willing. Progressive concept, original, inventive, research. Reformist spirit. Loyal, dedicated. Idealist.
  • Negative qualities of Aquarius: Fickle, eccentric. And rebellious spirit of contradiction. Nosy. Rigid in his views. Propensity for perversion extreme nonconformist. Have concerns and fears.

Character: Full of kindness and friendly attitude, very dreamy and often fickle. At first glance inspires sympathy and really nice guy. But it is very noticeable trend that remains aloof, and is willing to help others in a certain time, remain personally aloof, indifferent. It is often difficult mental contact with him. Personal independence is important for him and is capable of great sacrifices, even to the point N 'renounces the close personal relationships. But people most suited to conventions, are embarrassed with him because of this character, the trend of n 'dedicates ordinary "cases" and "purpose" antiwar protests perhaps loyalty to a certain charity, make some times even obnoxious. This attitude of others did not bother him, shrugs indifferently, wont be left alone. Always presents a trend toward originality, which can be expanded by searching original way to show your artistic talent or scientific skills as a passion to innovate at all costs, which may lead him to eccentricity pseftokallitechniki display or extremities and anticomfortism anedafikotita. Although it is a strong supporter of reform, change and promoting human life, it can also be flexible with modern generic concepts, but clung obstinately to his personal views. Not easily persuaded that he is wrong. Some find this alloy kindness and intolerably stubbornness. So, Aquarius presents a bleak personal radiation has something charming and dynamic, but not inspiring any warmth and sympathy.

PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20)

  • Positive attributes of Pisces: humble, compassionate, full of sympathy. Emotional. Unworldly, sensitive. Versatile. Hearted. Visionary.
  • Negative qualities of Pisces: abstract, aloof, suspicious. Unable to face the practical aspects of life. Invalid will, indecisiveness.

Character: Of all the zodiac, Pisces is the most receptive to external influences. The Pisces person is really sensitive, terribly eerie and incapable of practical activities and is always trying to escape from reality. Other areas of the chart will show the extent to be able to resist in these "default" negative trends. On the positive side, Pisces manifest great compassion and skill in n 'relieve those who suffer, whether in a practical way, serving the instance as a nurse, either by praying or thinking about them. But not withstand much reality. If possible mind, "escapes" from this ¨ positively "with his performance in art, nurturing, professional level perhaps, a natural inclination to poetry, theater, dance. If it is impossible mind can escape with drugs, that will make even greater physical weakness of character and indecision. Is then much harder to resist the influence of drugs and so it should not ever start on them. We may use "water" metaphors and images speaking of Pisces, because their characteristics are often associated with the sea, with unknown depths, with rough seas and strong currents and changeable. The torrent of feelings of Pisces is so deep and violent that they themselves tortured by him or suffer confusion. The more we allow Pisces to give creative direction, the more likely it is to come to terms psychologically with them. Some of the most inspired artists the world had this sign in a striking position in their horoscope and managed to make their feelings with their art. The confusion and lack of purpose can make such a person to turn in on himself, and then lost it all. It is not easy for Pisces conformism, reconciliation with the conventions, it seems impossible to accept the discipline and consistent daily schedule, to subdue his life in a certain way, a certain class. Its natural kindness, sympathy inspiring, personal charm and profound gentleness of his character, touched his friends and, thanks to its pleasant manners, forgive the clutter that exists in the home and in his life.


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