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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The 7 most famous coffees and how to enjoy.

Τα 7 πιο διάσημα είδη καφέ και πώς να τα απολαύσετε (1)

For more than 1,000 years, mankind perfects the art of coffee. Since the discovery of the "beneficial" coffee bean, until modern-dependent caffeine-season, the "magic" this drink has become both an everyday outfit, and a wonderful treat.

Modern people are no longer satisfied with a simple porridge which was formerly considered "coffee", but experimenting with new varieties and flavors and perfect their favorite beverage.

Apart from our classic Greek (or Cypriot or Turkish) coffee in the world many more species are frequently found in Greece and abroad. Let's look at the 7 most popular of these and let us get to know them better.

  • Espresso

Τα 7 πιο διάσημα είδη καφέ και πώς να τα απολαύσετε (2)

The well-known and highly loved us and Greece in recent years espresso, is a strong black coffee made with hot water, which passes through dark grinding powder aromatic coffee beans with great pressure. A wonderful espresso should be slightly viscous, with a chrysokafetia cream on top. If the coffee is really good, then the sugar that might add to your coffee, it will remain on the cream for a few seconds before you "sink" to the "magic" broth espresso.

The espresso is the basis for a wide variety of types of fine coffee, such as cappuccino. Many, however, insist that any addition to espresso is at least "blasphemy", similar to the addition of cola in authentic Scotch whiskey.

How to enjoy it: the espresso should be consumed either exactly like or made ​​with a teaspoon of sugar. When it comes «short» (ristretto) means it has less water and is more full bodied flavor. When «long» (lungo) means that it has more water and is not as strong.

Try yet ...: Adding a teaspoon cream will make an espresso macchiato (ie, "marked", "dirty"). If you put a little whipped cream on top, you will have an espresso con panna, and if you add a little grappa, cognac or sambuca then you make one espresso corretto (ie, "corrected").

  • Cappuccino

Τα 7 πιο διάσημα είδη καφέ και πώς να τα απολαύσετε (3)

This notorious coffee-or something that looks like anyway-has become the ... our national drink. Authentic, real cappuccino however, is a mixture of equal parts of espresso and frothed milk. This velvety drink, if built correctly, can become even dessert, thanks to its rich complex taste.

How to enjoy it: It is customary to sprinkle on top of cappuccino with a little cocoa powder or cinnamon.

Try yet ...: Ask for your cappuccino «scuro» («dark"), ie with less milk than normal or «chiaro» («Pale"), ie with more milk. Frozen cappuccino («freddo») is the ideal drink for hot afternoons, while «skinny» made with light milk (light).

  • Americano

Τα 7 πιο διάσημα είδη καφέ και πώς να τα απολαύσετε (4)

How many times have traveled abroad and we had no idea what it is when they suggested a coffee Americano; True abroad much preferred by the locals, while in Greece hardly found anywhere. Is a single espresso in a cup of boiling water. His name originally was considered an insult to the Americans when the espresso became popular on that side of the Atlantic. His true form is rich, creamy, with an intense and powerful taste of espresso.

How to enjoy it: Many prefer Americano as the filter coffee with milk and / or sugar. The experts, however, suggest not to add milk in the coffee to becoming 100% taste espresso.

Try yet ...: The americano has many variations, but served cold and for hot days.

  • Caffe Latte

Τα 7 πιο διάσημα είδη καφέ και πώς να τα απολαύσετε (5)

The caffe latte is a single espresso with three parts warm milk.

How to enjoy it: H sugar will make you appreciate the meaning of "baptism" and will make your latte ... "font", which means to dip from cookies and cakes to sweet breads and other sweet treats. This can be a full and perfect breakfast would accept even you ... nonna ('grandmother').

Try yet ...: This particular coffee is not found in variations.

  • Café au Lait

Τα 7 πιο διάσημα είδη καφέ και πώς να τα απολαύσετε (6)

Not ... and café «ole». This traditional filter coffee resembles the latte, with the difference that is base of the coffee filter and not the espresso, 1:1 with hot milk. It's basically lighter than the caffe latte.

How to enjoy it: Sugar can give here as well, making extra flavor and the particular coffee, ideal for ... "buns."

Try yet ...: Neither this coffee found in variations.

  • Café Mocha (Mochachino)

Τα 7 πιο διάσημα είδη καφέ και πώς να τα απολαύσετε (7)

This is a cappuccino or caffe latte with chocolate syrup or cocoa. In this drink there are large variations from the cafeteria in the cafeteria, so to be sure, before ordering, ask the way of preparation.

How to enjoy it: As in cappuccino, you can sprinkle some cocoa or cinnamon on top.

Try yet ...: The garnish of whipped cream on top will give great flavor in this drink and will do almost ... dessert.

  • Caramel Macchiato

Τα 7 πιο διάσημα είδη καφέ και πώς να τα απολαύσετε (8)

Another type of beverage which is made differently from place to place. The most common method of preparation is the combination of espresso, with caramel and cream, although many prefer plain hot milk. Many times also added extra vanilla for more flavor.

How to enjoy it: You might want to add a little sugar, but since, first try it, because it might be on their own fairly sweet.

Try yet ...: Pour a little caramel syrup on top and the "Flying". The delicious drink that needs no addition to becoming your new addiction ...



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