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Friday, 3 May 2013

Relationships: Why men do not want to talk


The reluctance of men to discuss with their partners their problems are not due to shame or indifference, but because we simply do not see what the point, according to a new study.

Indeed, this attitude is not something acquired growing up, but something that develop during childhood.

As shown by the study, while girls believe talking all the time about their problems would feel better, the boys believe that this practice is a waste of time and mildly "strange."

The study, published in the journal «Child Development», made scientists led by Dr Amanda Rose from the University of Missouri, who recruited nearly 2,000 children and adolescents.

"For years, psychologists have insisted that boys and men would like to talk about their problems but hesitant of shame or because they want to show weak," said Dr. Rose.

"However, when we asked young people for their views about the whole thing, boys did not express more fear or discomfort than what the girls. In contrast, their answers showed that they do not consider it particularly useful to outsource those whose employ. "

Dr Rose believes that the findings of the study explain why men and women have such different ways of dealing with problems in their relationships.

"Women typically push their partners to share their concerns, because they believe that in this way they will feel better and will find a solution," he said.

"The companions, however, generally do not care because they believe that in time the situation will improve natively. This leads to bickering couples, as the woman often perceive introversion partner as disinterest. "

Moreover, "many men think alike discuss a relationship problem, the worse they do. So, they prefer to deal with anything to escape their mind and reduce tension, "he added.

Dr Rose believes that the findings are an opportunity for men to learn that sometimes it's good to talk - and woman that is tedious to constantly talk about what their concerns.

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