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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Why men should help with the housework


Fathers who have good relationship with their children and help with the housework have happier marriages.

According to new research from the Universities of Missouri and Utah in the USA, where married couples share housework are happier. And with the deal, the scientists who drafted this study do not mean simple separation obligations but to participate both literally and in every job.

"We found that when both spouses have done with their jobs, women were more satisfied with their husbands with the deal," said Professor Erin Holmes of the University Brigham Young.

The study, published in the journal «Family Issues» How studied 160 couples sharing housework and child care, in an effort to discover what contributes to equality in a married couple, says publication of MailOnline.

The quality of the relationship of the father with his children was the most important factor, followed by the will of men participate in housework helping their wives.

"For women where the husband has a good relationship with his children, it means that the parents themselves have a good relationship" added Holmes.

The majority of couples surveyed were aged from 25 to 30 years old and all had at least one child under 5 years.

"This stage of life, when couples have small children, it is very difficult for couples," said yet.

On average, twice as many fathers do chores at home after the birth of a child, but the mothers bear about five times more obligations.

"So when the wives feel good about sharing the burden of work and both spouses report better quality in their relationship," said the professor.

In other words, concludes the report, couples who clean together ... and stay together forever!



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