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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Men hurt less than women!


Recent scientific research comes again to put things in place: Eventually, yes, men are hurt less than women!

Neither one nor two but 162,000 people participated in a survey that studied the differences in pain perception between men and women.

The research concluded that men are more resistant to pain than women, since "women report more intense pain than men in almost all categories of disease."

Lead researcher, Atul Butte, MD, PhD, admits that they have done in the past and other similar studies with different conclusions, but this (his own) is the first to show that women feel more intense pain.

Butte's team put more than 160,000 patients with 250 different diseases to rate the intensity of their pain from 1 to 10 and found that women gave higher ratings than men.

The truth is that studies have been done in the past on the strength of women long distance runners showed that women, contrary to popular perception, stand on large distances.

Another survey conducted in 2010 by the insurance company Engage Mutual, found that men tend to exaggerate with the pain they feel. For example, often characterized as a cold flu or a simple headache as migraine.


Although the new research seems to "invalidate" the earlier they want women "harder" than men, the Butte and his team somehow doubt their credibility, since, as he says: "we do not know whether patients who participated in past investigations had taken painkillers before or at the time of the survey there was someone else in the room and the patient did not want to show that it hurts. It is not clear if women feel more pain than men, but certainly indicate more pain, "concludes Butte.

Ultimately we did not tip. However, before jumping to call women "weaker sex" issue definitely needs more investigation. O Butte and his team plan to investigate the matter further.



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