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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Will the removal of the breast cancer to avoid Angelina Jolie?

imageTwo weeks ago, Angelina Jolie has a set of procedures that make up a mastectomy. So is the removal of breasts. Or to put it simply - the chest.


Angelina decided to remove both breasts after she learned that the probability of breast cancer is high and it is 87%. Geneticists have found out that she is a carrier of the gene BRCA1, which often includes developing cancer .


Can the rescue operation on the chest of cancer told "Komsomolskaya Pravda" PhD, a breast oncologist Irina Smirnitsky:


- Of course, we are not at liberty to discuss it, whether Angelina made that removed the breast. So, on that there were compelling medical reasons. Hereditary predisposition to breast cancer has been proven in the 80's of the 20th century. What, then, by the way, has provoked an epidemic in the United States the whole mastectomy (ie, operations to remove the breast). Even completely healthy women insisted on the operation. Now knowledge about cancer has increased, and similar operations are carried out only on special indications.


We Jolie, as she says, has been found destructive gene responsible for the risk of developing breast cancer. Her mother died just from the disease. In addition, as the media wrote some time ago, the actress is suffering from hepatitis, which also weakens the body's immune defenses.


Of course, Angelina herself asked not to cut off her breasts. I think ever since the disease mother, she regularly delivers tests for tumor markers (by the way, in the U.S. in some states, these analyzes are required, especially if breast cancer in a close relative by blood). According to the results of tests oncologists identify the risk of developing the disease in the near future. We Jolie risk was 87%. In such a situation, the removal of the glandular tissue of the breast is really seriously reduces the chance of developing cancer. But it is very individual.

Do not panic, they say, if we Jolie was left without a breast, I'll go and I'll cut yourself something. But should be checked regularly. Breast cancer - the most common cancer diseases among women in our country. But at the initial stage it is completely curable. Modern mammography shows the tumor is less than 0.5 cm For all women over 40 years of very desirable once a year to do a mammogram and breast ultrasound. If there is a risk (family history, breast or other breast disease), it is also held once a year test for tumor markers. And I repeat: do not be afraid to be tested, the cancer feeds on our fear of it.


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