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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Struck him in the head and became mathematical genius ...

Jason Paget was a simple clerk in the furniture store until he suffered a severe brain injury when he was attacked by robbers.

Since then the 41 year old "morphed" into mathematical genius as the injury to his head created obsessed with formulas!

Indeed, scientists compare it with the genius John Nash, who impersonated Russell Crowe in the movie "A Beautiful Mind" (A beautiful mind).

According to the Daily Mail, it all started when strangers ambushed in 41chrono outside a karaoke club so start kicking him repeatedly in the head wanting to get the leather jacket.

"All I saw was a bright light and immediately fell down," he says, believing that this was to kill him.

Now wherever you look sees formulas that turns them into stunning graphs plans. Indeed sells. See more images.

Is the only person in the world who can do something scientists say, and this is due to injury.

They argue that the damage to the brain 41chrono gave him a unique ability for numbers, as in John Nash.

"I'm obsessed with numbers, especially geometry," he said on ABC. "Literally dream, there is not a moment that I can not see numbers and shapes and I just can not stop it," he adds.

"I see parts of the Pythagorean theorem everywhere," he says. "Every little curve, each coil is part of the equation."

The 41 year old previously had nothing to do with math, not even a degree from a university, however, the ability created by a medical mystery that scientists are still trying to solve.

10 years ago a 41 year old to only care about two things: working out and partying. Now his life changed dramatically.

Indeed, scholars visited him often to be able to see what is happening and that from a simple man transformed into a genius.



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