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Monday, 22 April 2013

Half of his head was covered with a huge olive

Bhawana Thami was born with a rare disease because of which experienced racism and isolation.

The Bhawana born with half of the face covered with a huge olive and hairs, resulting from early to define as "monster" and a witch.

On top of the health problem, which could develop into malignant cancer if they did not receive proper medical care, the villagers of isolation because of this whole family.

Her father, who did not want to see his daughter hurt in his efforts to protect not allow her to see herself in the mirror, until one day a journalist took a picture and showed it to the ..., writes the Daily Mail .

Since then Bhawana began to feel disgust, fear and shock to the appearance.

With the help of the charity Child Workers little girl underwent plastic surgery a year ago. This year did the second surgery, removing entirely the hair from her face, with her father, hoping to have a more normal life thereafter.

A third surgery will follow when it becomes 14 years old, while the small Bhawana has already begun to socialize with kids her community.

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