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Monday, 22 April 2013

Firmer breasts without bra

Half of women do without them, and the rest did not even see them in front of them. A new study caused many reactions worldwide concludes that from a medical standpoint, the right is on the side of the latter.

As announced in the French press. Dr. Jean-Denis Rouigion, professor of sports medicine at the University of Besancon, the bra not only reduce their back pain, but continued support to the breast causes more relaxation.

This conclusion comes from the observation for over 15 years 320 volunteers, with any size breasts. At the start of the study, the volunteers were aged 18-35 years.

"From a medical, anatomical and physiological standpoint, the breasts have nothing to gain by being deprived of gravity," said Dr. Rouigion. "On the contrary, relax more with the continuous use of bra."

The course of study, he continued, is that "bras are necessarily wrong."

Dr. Rouigion and colleagues spent years carefully measuring and recording the changes in position of the breasts of their volunteers, which were treated at the University Hospital Center of Besancon.

Of all the women were asked at some point to stop wearing bras for periods ranging from a few months to several years. In these time intervals, the researchers recorded any discomfort that may have had on their back, and any problems they face in their daily lives because of not using bra.

As the researchers found, periods when women did not wear bras "the nipples lifted at 7 mm on average each year in line with the shoulders."

Dr. Rouigion said that 42% of women "discomfort" for the first three months were not wearing bras, but after you get used to.

However, none have reported back pain in the middle or obstacles in everyday life (including exercise), due to the lack of bra.

Based on these findings. Dr. Rouigion concluded that "the absence of bra can hold the breasts in good physical condition" and "perhaps to prevent the discomfort in the back."

"The idea of not using bra is repulsive for many women, for reasons of convenience and aesthetics," he said. 'However, unlike what most people think, the chest will not fall but will tighten and rectified without him while skin quality will improve."

Nevertheless, Dr. Rouigion hastened to add that we should not rush the women to throw away their bras because the study was small and did not last several decades to become viable long-term effects of not using bra.

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