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Thursday, 25 April 2013

5 things we 'say' dreams for health

Can the different Dream to predispose us to ... longings and unexpected events, but surely dreams are not "guide" the decisions we take. But they warn us about health issues?

When it comes to interpret dreams, most expect supernatural visions that will reveal the truth about our mental health and our subconscious. However, recent research reveals, according to the Huffington Post, that there is a possible relationship between the 'live' dream and a common form of dementia, which opens the way for us to know more of the dreams for our health.

The research, presented at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Neurology, found that men with certain risk for dementia with organizations Lewy (dementia with organizations Lewy (DLB) exposes the clinical overlap between Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson), have impaired sleep behavior REM, pentaplasiazontas the chance of developing the disease. The same sleep disorder has also been associated with Alzheimer's Parkinson, the symptoms of which are similar to those of bodies dementia Lewy.

Furthermore, some argue that dreams have predicted cancer, have warned a patient with tuberculosis or even me to believe heart attack. However, there is limited scientific evidence that certain symbols in dreams can actually provide some real health symptoms. What other health problem but can warn us dreams?

    Do you have a fever?

If you belong to those who ignore the signs, maybe a horrific nightmare make you reconsider. According to the Mayo Clinic, when someone is sick often sees nightmares, especially not if the disease is accompanied by fever. If you did not pay attention to what your body is trying to tell you before, it would be good after a restless night with nightmares put a thermometer.

    Blame the stress

When you ignore what you are concerned, the factors of anxiety can follow you to bed. Sometimes, stress can manifest itself through a common dream, like for instance miss your flight or your approaching a tidal wave.

At other times, a very strange dream can help you realize that maybe you should calm down a bit. Many are those who claim that stress in dreams may actually be useful, revealing what's really bothering you and how to troubleshoot it.

    Low sugar

If people with diabetes experience a severe drop in blood sugar, a possible symptom may be bad dreams and nightmares. Taking too much insulin or certain medicines can cause this fall, called hypoglycemia.

Of course, most people with diabetes recognize the early symptoms of low blood sugar before someone nightmare to point it out. However, hypoglycemia can occur during sleep.

    Mental illnesses

If the stress and anxiety can cause strange and often subversively dreams should not be surprising that the same way the most severe mental health conditions can interrupt sleep. Bipolar disorder is known to cause intense or strange dreams in some people.

In fact, a study done in Vietnam veterans, found that a rate of 52% with post-traumatic stress (PTSD), had nightmares quite often, compared with only 3% of people. In that case then, you notice that you have frequent nightmares or very vivid dreams would be good to consult a doctor.

    Postpartum depression

Experts say that during the nine months of pregnancy, dreams become more frequent and indeed, several particularly strange or intense. However, this is not necessarily bad. An Israeli study conducted on 166 pregnant women revealed that the more distressing dreams of having a woman during her pregnancy, the less likely it is to present postpartum depression.


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